Unnecessary and somewhat dumb XCOM story

It started with four. Four brave soldiers prepared to face an unknown enemy, and an unknown end. For they knew as well as I; people in video games have a tendency to die. And unfortunately for them, I was playing on hard. Even worse, I made it a point to not go back on more then 3 saves in the entire play through. Things looked grim for the four. Very grim.

I was introduced to the research team, the engineering team, and the council. They showed me the works. Gave me the grand tour. I was impressed but, since I hadn’t read about or prepared to play the game at all, I knew nothing of what anything did. I didn’t even touch the hangar until I already had psi abilities. One regret of many; though not my first. That would be the three-save limitation I placed on myself.

I worked the global scanner. My search for mischief had begun. One day passed, two days passed, three days, a week. I decided to grab a Gatorade; this could take awhile. When I came back the scanners were going berserk. CONTACT! CONTACT! I swung myself into the swivel chair, grabbed the doom clicker (mouse) and clicked the word ‘engage’. Percussion music began to play loudly and the screen glided to the barracks. The four stood bravely in front of me, waiting idly. I read off their names, absorbing the humanness of them.

Malachi Eliad, Male, French; Chris Pederson, Male, Canada; Fiona Moore, Female, American; Angelo Moletta, Male, Italian. All rookies. I sighed.

“Typical,” I thought. “Typical.”


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